Khalifa Park Library

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Located in a beautiful park setting, Khalifa Park Library in Abu Dhabi offers a vast collection of general and specialized books, including a sizable Children’s Library and a significant collection of rare books and theses for master and doctoral studies. The library is one of the largest in Abu Dhabi, both in terms of the number of books in its collection and the abundant space it offers.
The Children’s Library, located in its own annex, has 10,000 books, a Reading Hall, and a Computer Corner. The library hosts book signings, art displays, storytelling sessions for children, and events marking National Day and the start of the school year.
The Thesis Hall in the main library has a collection of 2,000 dissertations on topics related to countries in the region. They have been gifted by universities and international research centers.
The Rare Books Hall includes 1,900 titles in Arabic and other languages, primarily rare and valuable books.
The Emirates and Gulf Books Collection contains more than 21,000 books on numerous topics related to the United Arab Emirates and other Arabian Gulf countries. The library’s public section has 30,000 books, with a separate area for periodicals. The Reading Hall has a collection of science and reference books.

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Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, Khalifa Park , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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