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Abu Dhabi Festival 2024 Celebrates Success Of Sheikh Mahmoud El-Tohamy’s Spiritual Music Performance At The Iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Festival 2024 hosted a memorable evening at the Louvre Abu Dhabion the 14th of March, where the commanding voice of the renowned Inshad chanter Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy filled the venue and enthralled a packed audience.

Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy, hailed as the ‘Sheikh of Egyptian chanters,’ mesmerised audiences with his mastery of Inshad – Islamic vocal music involving melodious chanting of Quranic verses and poetry, the discipline El Tohamy is globally renowned for. The concert seamlessly blended the classical art form with diverse musical cultures from Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, and the Maghreb. His return to Abu Dhabi Festival marked an evening of unparalleled musicality and spiritual resonance, preserving authenticity and tradition while showcasing his trailblazing engagement in the art.

The centrepiece of the evening was the world premiere of ‘The Carpenter’s Daughters,’ a programme of poems praising the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and paying homage to women and their place in Islamic history. Attendees also enjoyed an enchanting rendition of ‘Aneen Al Asheq’, further showcasing the depth and breadth of Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy’s prowess.

Audiences were deeply moved by Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy’s performance, which received an overwhelming response.

H.E. Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo, the Founder of Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation and the Founder and Artistic Director of Abu Dhabi Festival, expressed, “As the Abu Dhabi Festival enters its fifth year of Ramadan events, we are proud to present a series of soul-stirring performances drawing on our rich cultural heritage, encompassing spiritual music, religious chants, and the captivating beauty of Prophetic praises. This celebration marks the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, embracing its values of solidarity, human brotherhood, and coexistence.”

Her Excellency continued, “Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering globally pioneering performances, including exclusive commissioned works and co-productions. Abu Dhabi Festival has showcased groundbreaking work on the stages of our capital for more than two decades, and this commitment continues, bringing culturally significant performers such as the renowned Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy to iconic and vibrant surroundings like the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The world premiere of the poignant ‘The Carpenter’s Daughters’ sheds light on the UAE’s dedication to empowering women, paying homage to the historical significance of female chanters in Islamic tradition, exemplified by the carpenter’s daughters who welcomed the Prophet with chants in Medina.”

Further, Her Excellency highlighted, “Among our offerings is ‘Aneen Al Asheq’, featuring masterpieces of poetry by generations of luminaries such as Imam Al-Shafi’i, Ibn Al-Farid, Al-Busiri, Rabia Al-Adawiyya, Bayram Al-Tunisi, Mahmoud Sami Elbaroudi, and others, harmonised with music compositions by acclaimed masters including Riad Al-Sunbati, Mahmoud El Tohamy, Gamal Salama, Ismail Sukkar, and Morsi Al-Hariri.”

Abu Dhabi Festival extends its heartfelt gratitude to Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy, the performers, sponsors, and all attendees for being part of this remarkable event.