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Black Sheep Coffee Announces Its 100th Location At Yas Mall

Black Sheep Coffee, the rulers in Robusta, are brewing up a storm in the world of coffee with the opening of its 100th location worldwide at Yas Mall, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s global expansion.

Adding Abu Dhabi to its thriving roster, the brand continues to bring its unique offering to the middle east and beyond. Black Sheep Coffee stands out as the only coffee chain in the MEA serving 100% Robusta coffee, hand-selected at the source with full traceability. Offering double the caffeine in every cup, setting it apart from the competition. To further change the status quo in the Middle East, the regional menu includes exclusive sandwiches and salads made fresh to order, with quality ingredients to offer guests a premium experience without the high price tag. 

Along with its new location, Black Sheep Coffee proudly announces the launch of its Perfected Matcha range with all-new flavours: Strawberry & Cream, Passion Fruit Lemonade, Blueberry Matcha with Spirulina, Matcha Green Tea, and Vanilla Matcha. 

“We’re proud to be launching Black sheep coffee  100th location worldwide in the Capital of UAE, further expanding our footprint in the UAE on our mission to change the traditional coffee chain experience across the globe.” said Mohamad Al Faran, MEA Developer for Black Sheep Coffee. 

Founded by university flatmates Gabriel Shohet and Eirik Holth, Black Sheep Coffee has quickly gained popularity for its rebellious spirit and commitment to quality. With their daring to be different mindset, Shohet and Holth have risen to success on a mission to rid the world of boring, average-tasting coffee. Spearheading the change with their 100% speciality Robusta, the founders still personally visit the farms to source the best beans for all of its chains across the globe, not just robusta we have 5 different types of speciality coffee beans from 5 different origins

Inspired by his time studying in the UK and his frequent, unforgettable visits to Black Sheep Coffee, Mohamad Al Faran has spearheaded the brand’s expansion into the Middle East with ambitious plans. The Black Sheep Coffee stores ooze a blend of warm and inviting décor teamed with a bold and urban atmosphere, characterised by graffiti artwork and earthy wooden interiors, designed to evoke a sense of creativity and comfort. Join the movement and “Leave The Herd Behind” with Black Sheep Coffee.