Abu Dhabi Verse

The 2024 Creative Interpreters Programme Focused On Storytelling, Animal Representation And Sustainability Takes Place In Louvre Abu Dhabi

As part of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s ongoing exhibition ‘From Kalila waDimna To La Fontaine: Travelling Through Fables’, the museum successfully concluded the 6th edition of the ‘Creative Interpreters Programme’ focused on storytelling, animal representation and sustainability.This year, the programme saw participation from 24 schools across the UAE, engaging more than 700 students and teachers.

The challenge encouraged students to respond creatively to the themes of the exhibition, drawing inspiration from the exhibition’s remarkable collection of artworks featuring ancient tales and illustrated fables, unveiling narratives rich in lessons of friendship, loyalty, cunning, and morality portrayed through anthropomorphic animal characters. The students creatively interpreted these themes through various forms of expression, including outstanding performances, artwork creations, storytelling, digital creations, workshop interactions, and poem recitals. Furthermore, the programme also emphasised the importance of conservation, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

Launched in 2019 by the museum’s Education department, the Creative Interpreters Programme is designed to equip students with crucial skills for both their academic and personal growth. By engaging in a variety of activities, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills, teamwork, and creative thinking abilities. Additionally, the programme fosters an appreciation of Emirati cultural heritage and identity, highlighting the global connections of the UAE through the objects on display. The initiative also aims to enhance teachers’ skills in creative teaching and utilising the museum as a dynamic learning platform.